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Marianna Briukhanova

Contemporary Ukrainian artist. Born in Nikolaev. Until 2022, she lived and worked in Odessa, where she graduated from the Children’s Art School of Arts (1997). Received a bachelor’s degree and a specialist (2002) of fine and decorative arts, mastered academic painting and studied art history.

In 2022, she was forced to leave Ukraine due to the war that began in the country.
Currently lives and works in Barcelona.

She began her artistic practice with realism and impressionistic painting, preferring plein air painting. Most of the works were painted while traveling around different countries: France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Mexico, Iceland. During this period she took part in 7 international plein-airs and in more than 5 watercolor biennials.
During the same period, she actively taught, created her own school of watercolor and sketching.

Currently works in series in various media, including watercolor, oil, acrylic, graphite, photography. 
Works in the styles of impressionism, abstract impressionism and expressionism.
Works were exhibited in Ukraine, India, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy. Her work was influenced by Claude Monet, Mark Rothko, Gerhard Richter, Joan Mitchell.

In his work, he explores life, chaos, living reality.
With strong dense movements of the brush on the canvas, multi-layered composition, color movement of paint the artist tries to show that the world is changing right now, new realities are being formed in the space of time and chaos every second.


“Whisper of flowers…”, Museum of Fine Arts named after A. Bely, Chernomorsk, Ukraine
“Woman and packaging” Conceptual photo project by Bryukhanova Maryana. Collaboration with photographer. The project was shown on Facebook pages
“Pink and red. Metamodern”, Gallery 202, Odessa, Ukraine
“Unnecessary Art” Exhibition-action (performance), Gallery 202, Odessa. Ukraine.
Two-Person Exhibition: Maryana Bryukhanova, Svetlana Mikhalevich.
“With watercolor in a luggage”, Gallery in the house with an angel, Odessa. Ukraine,(catalogue)

International exhibition “Water is alive” 26.06.2020 г.
Museum of Fine Arts named after A. Bely, Chernomorsk, Ukraine
“Quick sketch exhibition”, Odessa Municipal Museum personal collections them. A.V. Bleshchunova, 
Art project: Project of the group Urban Sketchers Odessa. 
“Paris. Rome. Amsterdam”, Own gallery 202, Odessa. Ukraine
“1st Malaysia International Watercolor Biennale 2018” , White Box Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
“International Watercolor Festival IWS” , Manes Gallery, Prague, Czech republic, (+ catalogue)
“Fabriano in Acquarello” ,International watercolor muzeum, Fabriano. Italy,(+ catalogue)
“Athens and Piraeus”, Greek Cultural Foundation, Odessa. Ukraine,Exhibition after plain-air sessions,(+ catalogue)
”Watercolor Album-2018″, Lavra, Museum of books and typography of Ukraine. Kiev, Ukraine.
International Biennial “Watercolor sea” Odessa, Ukraine.
“Second biennial watercolor exhibition IWS”, All India Society of Fine Arts and Crafts (AIFACS), New-Deli. India
“World in watercolor”, Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava, Slovakia, (+ catalogue)
International Biennial “Watercolor sea”, Museum of Western and Eastern Art, Odessa, Ukraine
“First international watercolor festival IWS in Ukraine”, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, Kiev, (+ catalogue)
“Sketch Art”,Tea factory, Odessa , Ukraine

“Pink and red. Metamodern”, Own gallery 202, Odessa. Ukraine, co-curated by Svetlana Mikhalevich.
“Unnecessary Art.”, Own gallery 202, Odessa. Ukraine, co-curated by Svetlana Mikhalevich.
Batik exhibition “Silkmania”

2021 – Museum of Fine Arts named after A. Bely, Chernomorsk, Ukraine