Contemporary abstract artist

Мinimalistic abstract landscape

The landscapes in this series are not points on a map, they are strange, they are completely deserted, maybe a little surreal. Here is love for the earth and for clean transparent air, free-breathing winds, melting glaciers, mountains and forests. Here is my admiration for our Earth.
For me, watching nature and experiencing its beauty is always full of delight, admiration and a feeling of merging with this beauty. For many years I followed in the footsteps of the Impressionists and my landscapes reflected my impression of what I saw. But gradually I began to understand that in these works for me there is no “essence”, no meaning. And I began to search.

This is the quintessence of those very sensations that are familiar to each of us, they cover us when we stand in the ocean or on top of a mountain, when we discover “that very feeling”, when we feel the greatness of this beauty and ourselves as a part of it all. It’s hard for me to describe it in words. I think, I hope my paintings can do  it . Let these landscapes become the source of these sensations and thoughts, these energies. For you.


Mountains are eternity and, at the same time, changes. Mountains are the dust that has  been gathered together by the power of the earth, mountains are wind …
The wind is a freedom, freedom of spirit, freedom of choice, freedom to think and be yourself in our complex and everchanging world.

Water is life.
Movement is life.
Waterfalls are an incredible flow of energy and life.
This is the infinity of life and movement, you cannot pause and stop this powerful flow of water / life, you can contemplate and observe, you can be in it.
For me this is EXISTING  of  life and the very  moment here and now).