Contemporary abstract artist

Package 2020

“Packaging” implies a separation between something external and something within.Why food wrap? Because it’s thin, it stretches, and it’s transparent. Sometimes, it’s almost invisible, and at times, you don’t even notice it.

Since childhood, we have been “packaged”: They give us a beautiful appearance, make us comfortable for our parents, other adults, and friends. We get used to it and start doing it ourselves.At the moments of our growing up, sooner or later, it begins to pull us down, preventing us from moving and being ourselves. Then we rip it off, we try to take it off. Sometimes we need someone’s help for this; we can do something ourselves.

Sometimes only some part of us manages to break free, but then again you find yourself in a new thin and imperceptible layer. Sometimes it seems to me that all life consists of this process.

The project was created in collaboration with photographer Diana Kachegina