Contemporary abstract artist

Purple river. 50*70 cm / 19,7*27,5 in


Purple river.
Acrylic on paper.
50*70 cm / 19,7*27,5 in
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A series of paintings in the style of abstract expressionism continues reflections on chaos and life.
With strong dense movements of the brush across the canvas, layered composition, color and paint movement, the artist is trying to show that the world is changing right now, life is a constant movement and change. The chaos around us is the dance we dance.
Dance is the element of interaction, when you are constantly in motion and interacting with the space of place and time surrounding you. And it is very important for life not to lose this connection.
The dance cannot be paused; it exists only at the time of its occurrence, like life. However, the Dance involves both pauses in movement and a change of rhythm, and what is very important, it seems to me, it involves a difference in interaction. When you dissolve and surrender to the flow and are a conditionally passive part of what is happening, and when you lead, create movement, set the rhythm and become an active part. The harmony of this manifestation seems to me to be the essence of this “dance your life.”
  • I want to assure you that for me  it’s very important not only the visual impression
    but also the longevity of my works. I work only with professional manufacturers of paper and paints. This protects my paintings from ultraviolet radiation and makes them durable.
  • All artworks are sprayed with museum quality archival fixative and are sent with a hand written certificate of authenticity.