Contemporary abstract artist

Exhibition-action “Unnecessary Art”

2019 – Creation of an exhibition exposition, viewing and destruction of works by the authors.

Own gallery 202
Artists: Svetlana Mikhalevich and Maryana Bryukhanov
Works – 47 watercolors
Photo support Tina Tikhonenko
Video support Alexey Mikhalevich

As an artist, I went deep into the process and explored the duality of what is happening – the creation of the new through the process of destruction. In addition to the new form the works took, the process was filled with the sounds of tearing paper, dripping paint, the sound of footsteps and silence. The symphony of sounds and silence allowed this process to resonate and showed a new meaning that had not previously been taken into account. The experience of the viewers was very different from the experience of the artists in this process and affected each viewer with their own meanings.