Contemporary abstract artist

BETWEEN THE WORDS. THE BORDER | 35*37 cm |  14*14,5″



  • Original art work
  • 35*37 cm |  14*14,5″
  • Watercolor on paper
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Signed Certificate of Authenticity



Watercolor painted in Mexico on Bakocho beach.
It was the impression of the sun setting directly into the ocean
and creating the border between the worlds.
Staying still here and being already there.

About the Ocean series
Coming to the shore, I have a feeling of merging, that here I am this water, this ocean and I forget about my everyday life. I merge with it and very sharply feel this very moment of presence, that I am here and now, that I exist, but I was not here  before and will not be later, but the ocean was, is and will always be here.
Ocean doesn’t care who I am, what I do. In his waves there is no prejudice, appreciation, no anger or special attitude, it will take anyone equally into his waters … there is a feeling of liberation, and with it comes the sense of freedom and joy to live the life I have.
Next time  someone else will stand,  look and feel life, feel his own life.
Meanwhile I will become only a drop in the ocean of the universe, in this limitless space, until the next surge in the world’s oceans brings me back to life.