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In the flow of change. Migration. 30*42 cm / 12*16,5 in


Migration. In the flow of change.
Acrylic on paper.
12*16,5 in
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Migration. This is about a new life, new opportunities that accompany us when we change our environment. To find yourself, to let the new in.



In this painting, the blue color moves and moves, and strokes of bright orange paint create a point of attraction for your attention.
A large number of shades of blue strong brush strokes create a unique texture and all this creates a depth in which the elements of water and air move.

This painting is for those who love abstract art and blue color. Who sees how our world is changing every second. It seems that now is the time for such changes that you can go through all this only by joining this stream, trusting its movement, somewhere even flirting with it.
The world is changing around us and we are changing with it, but the main thing is to stay true to yourself and your values.

  • I want to assure you that for me  it’s very important not only the visual impression
    but also the longevity of my works. I work only with professional manufacturers of paper and paints. This protects my paintings from ultraviolet radiation and makes them durable.
  • All artworks are sprayed with museum quality archival fixative and are sent with a hand written certificate of authenticity.