Contemporary abstract artist

INTEGRATION | OCEAN | Not for sale


  • 38 * 38 см | 15 * 15 “
  • Original art work
  • 27*38 cm |  10,6*15″
  • Watercolor on paper


About the Ocean series
Coming to the shore, I have a feeling of merging, that here I am this water, this ocean and I forget about my everyday life. I merge with it and very sharply feel this very moment of presence, that I am here and now, that I exist, but I was not here  before and will not be later, but the ocean was, is and will always be here.
Ocean doesn’t care who I am, what I do. In his waves there is no prejudice, appreciation, no anger or special attitude, it will take anyone equally into his waters … there is a feeling of liberation, and with it comes the sense of freedom and joy to live the life I have.
Next time  someone else will stand,  look and feel life, feel his own life.
Meanwhile I will become only a drop in the ocean of the universe, in this limitless space, until the next surge in the world’s oceans brings me back to life.