Contemporary abstract artist

SUNNY BOUQUET | 36* 26cm | 14* 10 “



  • Original art work
  • 36* 26 cm |  14* 10 “
  • Watercolor on paper
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Signed Certificate of Authenticity


Flowers are moments of life. Their life is short yet very bright. And every flower carries a grain of life. This fact tells me that every moment  is valuable and full of meaning.

I love life, enjoy the life and beauty of our world. My flowers are about the scent and joy of life, about the moment here and now, about freedom and Beauty. In the end, sometimes art should give us just the joy of life, without extra meanings, what do you think?

I paint my works with flowers easily, playfully and very free.
Looking at these flowers is a great pleasure for everyone.
It is always a good mood, it is always a lot of sunshine and rich colors and just a little bit of fresh breeze.

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